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20 resources
20 resources
Captain Hearn Interview : Titanic Simulation
Timeline of Events Surrounding Titanic
Titanic - The Daily Mirror Clipping. April 20, 1912
Titanic - The New York Herald Clipping. April 15, 1912
Titanic First Class Passenger - John Jacob Astor
Titanic Stewardess - Violet Constance Jessop
Titanic Crew List 1912, page 470
Titanic Crew List 1912, page 473-474
Message from the Baltic to Titanic warning of ice
Titanic - First Class Promenade
RMS Titanic
Titanic Orchestra
Titanic Lifeboat #6
Titanic - Third Class Dining Hall
Titanic - State Room
Titanic - Second Class Dining Room
Titanic - First Class Gymnasium
Titanic - Third Class Cabin
Cradle in which the S.S. Titanic was Built
Titanic Postcard